12 Genius Packing Hacks That Make Travel a Breeze

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Whether you’re headed for a weekend beach getaway or a monthlong tour through Europe, packing is never easy. You definitely don’t want to lug too much stuff around with you—but you don’t want to bring too little, either. Luckily, we found a few tricks that maximize suitcase space and minimize stress. Here, 12 of the most genius packing hacks we’ve encountered in our travels.

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Roll, Roll, Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes in a pillowcase not only compresses your garments but also keeps them wrinkle-free. Win-win.

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Use Gift Bags Rather Than Wrapping Paper

Bringing presents with you? TSA reserves the right to tear open your beautifully wrapped gifts. Play it safe with festive bags and some tissue paper.

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Sign Up for TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is so, so worth it. You’ll be speeding through security—shoes on and laptop in bag—in more than 150 U.S. airports. Seriously, no one has ever regretted it.

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Use a Straw to Pack Your Necklaces.

It’s the tried-and-true way to keep chains from tangling in transit.

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Charge Your Phone The Sneaky Way

The best-kept secret: The TVs dotting every gate have USB ports on the back. Plug yours in and watch everyone else claw for the regular outlets.

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Place the Heaviest Items in the Bottom of Your Suitcase

It ensures a balanced distribution of weight. Your arm will thank you.

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Call Ahead About a Hair Dryer

If your hotel (or, uh, parents’ house) has one, there’s no need to bring the extra bulk.

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Pack Your Shoes Smartly

Protect your clothes from the dirt of your shoes by tucking them inside a shower cap, then placing the whole thing inside your bag.

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Wrap Your Headphones Like a Pro

Tangled headphones means spending time detangling the wires instead of catching up on Westworld. Try this wrapping trick instead.

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Cut Your Makeup Bag in Half with Dual-Use Products

Like cold cream. It’s moisturizing and it removes makeup like whoa.

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Book Your Tickets on an Incognito Browser

Airlines jack up their prices based on your Web history. So beat them at their game.

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Wear Clothing with Pockets

We’re not ones to get all fancy at the airport, but a dress with pockets is stylish and practical when you need to take out your ID a million times. Safe travels!