Here's the Cheapest Time to Book a Flight—by Month, Week, Route or Destination

PSA: Kayak just released their 2018 Flight Hacker Guide and it’s basically a one-stop shop for travelers: We’re talking data on the best stopover cities, how to use “Hacker Fares” (aka buying two one-way flights instead of one round trip) and the best airlines—by comfort, food, entertainment, you name it. Best of all, we now know exactly when to book that upcoming trip…by month, weeks before departure, route and destination. (FYI, the information is all based on those aforementioned hacker fares.)

By month
According to Kayak, if you’re booking a domestic flight, you’ll probably find the best hacker fare deals in the winter months.

By weeks before departure
You’ll save the most by booking a hacker fare as you get closer to your travel dates. So if you’re planning a last-minute trip, combining two one-way tickets might be a better deal.

By route
So cool: Kayak’s guide lets you compare destinations to see trends on how prices have changed over time. An example: Fares from NYC to Columbus, Ohio, take a major dip in February and spike in October…but fares to Cincinnati, Ohio, are most expensive in December.

By destination
If you want to know how much you’ll pay this year versus last year, you can select an origin location and month to view which destinations have gone up or down in price the most. (Planning a honeymoon? This is totally useful.) Psst: Flights from New York to Reykjavík are down almost 30 percent.

Now, if you’ll excuse us…we have a trip to plan.

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