7 Countries Where the U.S. Dollar Is Strong

The time to plan your next vacation is now

It’s winter. It's cold. And you're trying to pinch pennies. Time to start planning a vacation based rates! Here, seven countries where the U.S. dollar is super strong right now.

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strong dollar london


Exchange rate: $1 = 0.82 British Pounds

What It Gets You: A tour of Buckingham Palace—and a chance to maybe see Queen Eliz—will run you less than $30. (FYI, the exchange rate hasn’t been this good since the 1980s, so now’s the time to go.)


Exchange Rate: $1 = 1.33 Canadian Dollars

What It Gets You: Front row seats on the glass to see the Toronto Maple Leafs will only set you back a cool $300 per ticket. Not bad, considering it’s one of the most popular NHL teams.

strong dollar argentina
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Exchange Rate: $1 = 15.88 Argentine Pesos

What It Gets You: A skirt steak—one of the country’s signature dishes—at a fancy five-star restaurant for just $12. Twelve dollars.

strong dollar portugal
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Portugal (or Anywhere In Europe)

Exchange Rate: $1 = 0.94 Euros

What It Gets You: Um, you can get a bottle of vino from Douro Valley—one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world—for just shy of $3.

strong dollar japan
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Exchange Rate: $1 = 115.99 Japanese Yen

What It Gets You: This means that a top-notch chef’s knife will set you back just around $85.  (FYI, Japan is still pretty costly, but the value of a dollar has improved in recent months.)

strong dollar africa
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South Africa

Exchange Rate: $1 = 13.65 South African Rand

What It Gets You: A five-day safari for as little as $1,000. (Not kidding.)

strong dollar sweden
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Exchange Rate: $1 = 9.04 Swedish Krona

What It Gets You: Historically, Sweden is one pricey place. But the current exchange rate means you can nab a two-seat sofa and chaise longue at the original IKEA for $500. (Shipping is another story, but you get what we mean.)

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