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Sure, a dog park just opened up in your neighborhood, and the local pub is offering once-a-week “yappy” hours. But check out these eight cities that take being dog-friendly to a whole other level.


Seattle, Washington

Like corgies more than kiddos? Move to Seattle, which boasts more dogs than children living within city limits.


Geneva, Switzerland

Ah, the Swiss--always playing by the rules. Of course they make potential owners pass written and practical testing before getting a dog. Sort of like a driver’s license, but about picking up poop.


Portland, Oregon

The land of hipsters and sustainable coffee also features the most dog parks per capita of any U.S. city--a fact Portlandia was clearly all over.


Rome, Italy

Think it’s wrong to keep Fido on a leash? In the Eternal City, dogs are allowed to frolic in public fountains and scamper freely amid outdoor ruins.


Santa Barbara, California

This Central Coastal town is home to Arroyo Burro Beach, a totally casual no-leash zone where man and beast can chase the waves together.


Berlin, Germany

Fido A-Go-Go: Head to Berlin’s Central Station, where you can buy your dog a half-price ticket to accompany you throughout the entire country.


New York, New York

We always knew New Yorkers loved their dogs. But soon canine adoption might also pay out big-time, thanks to a proposed $500 tax credit for folks who take in shelter pets.


Paris, France

The best place to be a dog is, of course, the City of Light, where beloved chiens are not only allowed in bistros; they’re also given their own personal chairs. Très civilized, if we do say so ourselves.

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