‘Mirroring’ Is the Best Way to Make Sure You Look Great in an iPhone Photo

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Scenario: You asked your dad to take a pic of you, but he cuts off half your body (including your hair, so you look bald) every single time. He’ll never learn, but we recently discovered an amazing phone hack that allows you to art direct your own photos—no offense, Paps.

It’s called mirroring.

So, what is “mirroring”? Instead of asking a person to take a photo of you the regular ole’ way, ask them to change the screen into selfie mode and flip it around so that the screen is facing you. This gives you the opportunity to adjust and rearrange within frame while you’re looking at the photo.

But how do you snap if the cam’s turned around? Easy. On an iPhone, you take the photo by pressing the “volume up” button on the side of the phone. Boom.

See? Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder—you.

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