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Plandids Are the New Selfies Taking Over Instagram

Move over, selfies. There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s taking over our Instagram feeds one apple-picking day trip at a time.

Laughing at an iced coffee like it just told you a joke; looking moodily off into the distance as if thewind is whispering a secret into your ear; strutting fashionably across the street to meet an imaginary friend... Our Instagram feeds are chock-full of what kids these days are calling “plandids,” aka a planned candid.

Yup, that’s the term for when you ask someone to take a picture and you pretend you don’t know someone is taking a picture. Like when your BFF hands over her phone at brunch and then looks down at her avo toast and smiles. Sorta creepy, sorta cute.

But honestly, we’re all for a pose where we don’t have to stare directly at the camera and say “cheese.” Plus, the photos turn out more elevated and not so stocky as a glued-on smile. 

So, what was that hot joke you were telling us, latte?

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