8 Trends That Will Be Huge This March

Don’t get us wrong: We’re still playing HQ (gahhhh, will we ever get past question six?!), watching Stranger Things (finally) and shopping for sock booties (it’s still chilly out!). But we’re also so ready for the next crop of trends. Bring it on, March.

30-Minute Dinners to Make Every Night in March

lavender coat
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Move over, millennial pink. This month (and year) is all about light lilacs and dusty mauves that feel spring-y, feminine and sophisticated. Incorporate it via solid-colored pieces to bypass the whole looking-like-a-painted-Easter-egg thing.

rose flower selfie

The Craft Store Challenge

Remember the ice-bucket challenge and the mannequin challenge? Expect your social feed to be littered with the newest viral hashtag: #CraftStoreChallenge, aka taking drop-dead gorgeous photos of yourself using craft store materials like fake flowers and cascading ferns. Italian vineyard or aisle 3 at Michael's? We won’t tell. 



The Indian spice has gained attention in recent months, thanks to its rumored health benefits, like lowering hypertension, preventing certain cancers and decreasing depression, and it’s suddenly all over our Pinterest boards. This month, look to see it in chai drinks at your local café, on the menu at those trendy eclectic restaurants and prominently featured in your favorite Instagram recipe videos.

panda planner
Panda Planner

Panda Planners

We’re still pretty obsessed with bullet journaling, but the newest organization fad is the so-called Panda Planner, which lets you organize by month, week and day; encourages you to practice positive thinking and gratitude; and has the most five-star ratings of any planner on Amazon. Case closed.

avocado marg
Gimme Some Oven

Avocado Cocktails

Avocados: You can eat them with spaghetti, use them as a mask and even propose with them (though, not recommended). And now you can sip on them, thanks to the rise of veggie juice cocktails that are delicious, fresh and (dare we say?) sorta healthy. Restaurants like Javelina in NYC and Melrose Umbrella Co. in L.A. are both offering different iterations of the smooth, creamy green drinks (usually mixed with pisco or tequila, 'natch), and it shouldn't be too long before your local craft cocktail lounge catches up.

colored mascara
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Colored Mascara

Anything-but-black lashes have been dominating the runways for more than a few seasons, ushering in new lines of colorful mascara from Urban Decay and Marc Jacobs. And now, the look is just about to go mainstream. Go with a grownup hue like navy or garnet, and pair with a nude lip and a soft eyeshadow to look like a lady (and not a Muppet).

brass kitchen backsplash

Brass Accents

Copper? Yawn. Stainless steel? Over it. The biggest kitchen trend this spring: brass hardware, backsplashes and lighting. Even if you’re not looking to renovate your entire kitchen this March, you can incorporate it with a retro watering can or pretty metal planter.



They’re baaaaaaaack. Everyone from Adele to Miranda Kerr is hopping on the crystal train, so expect to see these (allegedly) healing stones popping up in everything from decor to water bottles. And hey, even if you don’t believe they’ll make you focus better or sleep easier, they sure do look nice sitting on your coffee table. 


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