10 Things You Should Never Post to Social Media

Reel it in, ladies

We’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled social media blast for this brief announcement: Think before you post. Here, ten things that are better off left in your head--than on your Instagram.

An Unending Feed Of Your Pet (or, Sorry, Kid)

Snickers is cute and all, but unless the photos are, like, professional-level, your friends are probably sick of scrolling through snap after snap. Same goes for your children (still love you, Aoife). Mix those shots up with--we don’t know--something else interesting in your life. A flower, a sunset, a burrito, really anything.

Flash-on Food Photos

If your friends call you Martha Stewart, it miiiight not be in the way you think/want. Case in point: It could be your overexposed good-God-what-is-that-pile-of-mush photos. Either figure out natural lighting (eggs Bennie #yolkporn can still work…if you’re good) or just be personally satisfied with its deliciousness and move on.

The Same Picture On Every Medium

Think about it: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Unless you’re a blogger wunderkind, you probably have the same followers on each channel. Don’t bore them. Instead, take stock of what picture feels best on each site. For instance: Instagram is all about experience (say, the aforementioned #yolkporn), while Facebook is all about people (say, holiday family photos), while Twitter is all about…honestly, not photos. Just skip that one.

Anything After Two Glasses Of Pinot

You’re having the best night out with your girls. But you know your judgment right now is not exactly stellar. Leave the live updates (and in this instance, the day-after recaps) for daytime. Trust us: You’ll be able to more clearly discern filters in the light of day, anyway.


We’re not saying “never.” We’re just saying, please keep it to a minimum. The should-I-or-shouldn’t-I-post-it litmus: It better be the most amazing picture of you. Ever.

Fitness And Post-workout Snaps

We’re all about doing anything and everything to motivate yourself, but keep it classy, ladies. Videos of squats in the mirror? Maybe not. Constant snaps of your spin studio? We get it. You love your cycle instructor. But the world doesn’t need (or probably care) to know.

Screenshots Of Texts

Leave private conversations private. It's probably just funny to you and the other person, anyway. (Unless you're @CrazyJewishMom. Then, by all means, screenshot away.)

Cryptic Posts

Feelings: We all have them. Smashing Pumpkins lyrics: We’ve all heard them. Sometimes they’re better left in your sweet little pensive soul.

Dramatic Airplane Window Shots

Same goes for clouds. We know you're having a moment with nature and silence and that mini bottle of Bloody Mary mix. But let's, again, remember self-reflection is the best reflection.

Leg Perspectives

It's hard to find a photo composition more overdone than the "hot dog legs" angle. Well, except for "feet" angles ( A simple beach landscape is enough in the congenial bragging department.