Interspersed between your favorite fashion bloggers, foodie photos and travel junkies (OK, now we’re definitely going to Tulum), is the occasional “guy ‘gram.” And yeah we’ll admit it: sometimes we just can’t help but roll our eyes. Beer? More beer? C’mon dudes. Here, six things we wish men would stop posting to social media.

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men social media workout

Shirtless Workout Selfies

We get it: You’re ripped. And every time you post your mid-workout #pecflex, we fall down an Instagram black hole for 15 minutes. So cut it out, will ya?

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men social media alba
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Fictional #WCWs

Ten points from Gryffindor if it includes “marry me?” in the caption. 

men social media couple

Relationship Brags

OK, a couple sentences is fine. But save the 500-word love-letter for your sweetheart’s eyes only. (FYI: Snail mail is the greatest.)

men social media beer

Pictures of Beer, Beer and More Beer

In a mug, on a coaster, in a can—we get it. You love beer. 

men social media watch

A Close-Up of Your Watch

We love shiny things, too. But a little humble-bragging goes a long way.      

men social media fish

37 Pictures in a Row of Fish You Caught

They. All. Look. The. Same. 

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