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Useful technology is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why these 11 gadgets are sure to surprise and delight every single person on your holiday list.

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Google Home Smart Speaker ($99)

Powered by Google Search, this virtual assistant will cue up your favorite music playlists, answer questions about the weather or traffic and tell you your schedule for the day. Bonus: Setup is easy—you just have to download an app and pair your device, then call out “Hey, Google” to put your “assistant” to work.

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gadget gift guide aura frames
Aura Frames

Aura Smart Frame ($399)

Wi-Fi-enabled picture frames will change how you think about home decor. And this sleek little gadget (that comes in rose gold or charcoal) has facial-recognition technology to only display the people you want in your home. Family members can even contribute images through the app, so it's a great way to keep your parents from constantly bugging you for photos of their grandkids.

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Hidrate Spark 2.0

Hidrate Spark 2.0 ($55)

Whoa, this truly is the future, people. This smart water bottle monitors how much you're drinking by connecting via bluetooth to your phone, Apple Watch or FitBit. Plug your height, weight and "water-drinking goals" (yep) into the app, then watch as it magically syncs to the water bottle and tracks your progress. Best of all, if you're not staying on track, the Hidrate Spark glows to remind you to drink more. 

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Moto Insta-Share Projector ($300)

OK, so you’ll need a Moto Z phone to take advantage of this Moto Mod, but if you make the switch, you’ll be blown away by the Insta-Share Projector (not to mention, the full range of Moto Mods). Simply snap it onto the back of your phone, just like you would a magnet, and seconds later, you’ll be projecting your favorite TV shows (or family photo slideshows) movie theater-style and with top-notch sound. The best part? It works on any flat surface.

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Kuvée Wine Bottle ($199)

We’ve all been there—trying to decide whether to uncork a bottle of white or red. (God forbid we open both and let half a bottle go bad.) This “smart” and Wi-Fi connected wine bottle lets you choose from 48 mainstream wines—Francis Ford Coppola included—on the Kuvée website that, once opened, stay fresh for up to 30 days. How it works: Each smaller wine bottle has a special air-tight valve that pops in and out of the main Kuvée bottle.

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LG Tone Active+ Wireless Headset ($180)

Runners, rejoice. This lightweight headset (well, you wear it around your neck) comes with retractable ear buds and external speakers for a Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free way to listen to music or take a call.

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Skullcandy Barricade ($80)

This insanely durable (hello, it’s waterproof and buoyant) portable speaker comes with an eight-hour rechargeable battery and connects seamlessly with your smartphone using Bluetooth wireless at a range of 33 feet. Even better, the sound quality is so good you’ll be able to hear music blasting from five rooms away.

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Roku Streaming Stick ($50)

Amazing for holiday travel and beyond, you can plug this flash drive-esque device straight into the back of any HDTV (or the USB port of any laptop or computer). Then, using the Roku remote—also included—sign in and instantly stream all your favorite movies from Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.

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Savant Remote ($399)

At last: A sleek and user-friendly way to streamline all the remote controls in your home. Compatible with over 380,000 entertainment devices, the Savant remote control (which features a screen that looks a lot like your iPhone, BTW) syncs wirelessly with all the other smart devices in your home?aka your Roku, Apple TV and Philips Hue lights?to make pulling up Netflix, then switching over to watch a Blu Ray, a breeze.

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Oculus Rift ($599)

No, virtual reality is not just for video games. You can use the gear to do a number of wellness- and entertainment-related things from the comfort of your own living room—including meditate, watch Netflix or pretend you’re on a beach somewhere versus your current city where it’s 10 degrees below zero.

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Apple Watch Series 2 ($399)

Thanks to gorgeous new color options and a faster-than-ever (not to mention, waterproof) processor, this gadget can’t be beat. Other features to love: the built-in GPS and 18 hours of battery life. A win-win.

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