8 Crowd-Pleasing Gifts Everyone in Your Family Will Love

You like to give meaningful, thoughtful gifts to each person in your family. But some years that level of brainpower (or shopping commitment) just isn’t in the cards. Instead of choosing a different gift for each person, here are eight gifts to buy in bulk that everyone will love.

smartphone cleaner

Phonesoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Everyone needs it, few realize it. This gadget uses UV rays to zap germs on any kind of touch screen smartphone, and it even has built-in acoustic amplifiers so you can listen to music while it works.

23andme Ancestry Service

What better way to bring everyone together this holiday season than with the bond of shared DNA? Gift 23andMe’s Ancestry Service to your whole family this year and finally put a rest to your dad’s incessant babbling that he’s 100 percent Irish, or whether it’s Grandma or Grandpa who brings the French lineage. What’s more, customers who choose to opt in for DNA Relatives can connect with genetic relatives to share and compare information about common ancestors and surnames. It’s like a mini family reunion in a box. Visit for the latest holiday promotion.

phone case
The Daily Edited

Tde Personalized Phone Case

Stamp someone’s name or initials onto anything and it immediately becomes a little more special. But when it’s something they’ll actually want to use—like this soft rubber case with 100 percent Saffiano leather backing—it truly feels like you went the extra mile.

hellofresh gift card

Hellofresh Gift Card

This meal service delivers ingredients and recipes straight to your home, so it’s perfect for anyone who likes to cook or just enjoys trying something new. The company sustainably sources all the ingredients and even has a special subscription for vegetarian options.

echo auto

Echo Auto

If your family thought they loved Alexa, wait until they have her in the car. Mount Echo Auto to the dashboard and then tell it to stream a podcast, find the nearest gas station, check the news or open the garage. It even connects to Waze and other apps so you can get directions without fumbling with your phone at the stoplight.

weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket

If this seems random, it might be because you haven’t used one yet. But spend a night under one of these and you’ll understand the hype. They’re usually on the pricier side, but Target just released an affordable version that’s prime for gifting and treating your loved ones to a better night’s sleep.

photo printer

Hp Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

From your mother to your niece, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to print their favorite photos wherever they are. This device does require a Bluetooth connection and setting up an app, so depending on your recipients’ age range, consider adding white-glove setup (by you) as part of the gift.

murrays cheese
Murray's Cheese

Murray's Cheese Of The Month Subscription

Cheese deliveries. Enough said.

Gift It ($75/month)

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