These ‘Virgin River’ Stars Show Off Their Cooking Talents in Instagram Videos

Fans of Virgin River know Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge for their leading roles as Jack Sheridan and Melinda "Mel" Monroe, but while the two share an incredible chemistry on screen, it turns out there's a way that they bond off-screen too: by cooking together. That's right, these two successful actors like to fill their free time by trying out different recipes in a series of videos they share to Instagram.

While the two shared multiple culinary clips in the past, they took about a nine month hiatus before returning to the kitchen for a new challenge. Henderson teased the news several weeks back by saying, “Time to dust off the aprons and get back in the kitchen with my pal and co-star @alexandrabreck - another cooking show episode coming your way…If you’re feeling some culinary curiosity join us for another ridiculous Instagram live!!”

Although the duo originally do their cooking shows as Live videos, luckily for us, Henderson likes to post the entire clips to his Instagram afterwards.

Previously, the two have worked on making sourdough bread from scratch, and in more recent videos, Henderson has shared some of his solo creations, like homemade granola.

And in one video, the stars decided to both attempt the meringue-based dessert, Pavlova. You can watch the entire 92-minute video below, which Henderson shared and said, “Pavlova shenanigans. Teaching Alex how to make a pavlova…”

However, the result of Henderson and Breckenridge's work was delayed a bit because Henderson ended up on a boat with a friend. He posted another video and said, “Slight delay for the second installment of the cooking show… a bit caught up on the water but we’ll be back at 5pm Pacific Time.”

Later that day, Henderson shared the final stages of their baking experiment, saying, “Dressing the pav….Throwing it all together for the final stage of our pavlova ambitions. No cream, no problem for Alex as she improvises her way around the kitchen.”

Then, viewers were treated to the final result, with Henderson saying, “Ta Da!!!! Alex aces the Pav. The final reveal of Alex’s first ever Pavlova surpasses all expectation!!!” The actor also shared the pavlova recipe here if you feel like trying it at home.

While we're still getting over the excitement of two more confirmed seasons of Virgin River, we will have to keep our eyes peeled for more cooking episodes.

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