We Think Trevor & Jamie Are Frontrunners on ‘Listen to Your Heart’ Despite the Drama

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Earlier this week, ABC aired episode two of the all-new series, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. Although we originally thought Trevor was doomed after the season premiere, we’re starting to think that he and Jamie are the closest thing we have to frontrunners (which is saying a lot).

Here’s what you need to know: During Monday night’s episode, the contestants continue to get to know each other, all while promoting their music careers. (*Eye roll*) This includes Trevor and Jamie who embark on a one-on-one date, complete with an impromptu performance followed by a hot tub dip.

It’s during this time that a few new ladies—including Natascha—arrive at the mansion, threatening to stir up drama. The problem is Natascha knows Trevor’s ex-girlfriend, who is apparently distraught after the musician cheated on her. Trevor tries to clarify, claiming he only “emotionally cheated” on her, but the damage is done (or so we’re supposed to think).

At the rose ceremony, the men hand out roses to everyone but Mel, Cheyenne and Mariana, who are sent home. Despite the ex-girlfriend drama, we can’t stop thinking about Trevor and Jamie, who are the standout frontrunners after this week’s episode. Here’s why.

trevor jamie bachelor listen to your heart
ABC/John Fleenor

Has anyone else noticed that they’re getting favored by the producers? Out of all the contestants, Jamie and Trevor have gotten the most screen time. Yes, we’re only on episode two, but if we’ve learned anything from the franchise, it’s that they don’t give people airtime who don’t deserve it. Just saying.

Also, the fact that the producers went out of their way to cast someone (aka Natascha) from Trevor’s past speaks volumes. Based on past Bachelor shows, this can only mean one of two things: Either Trevor has the potential to win it all, or they want us to hate him.

If it’s the latter, they wouldn’t send him home right away. And if he wins, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie is standing at his side for the last performance. *Cue “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper*

So, will Trevor and Jamie maintain their lead? Or will they go off the deep end before the next rose ceremony? Guess we’ll have to wait until The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart returns to ABC next Monday, April 27, at 8 p.m.


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