Summer Fridays Just Launched Its 3rd Mask (and It's Like Sticking Your Face into a Bouquet of Roses)

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Waking up to a new product from a beloved skin-care brand is a lot like Christmas morning. They’re both exciting, fleeting moments that usually involve shelling out some cash. (We kid…kind of.)

That’s all to say…Summer Fridays just launched a new face mask (the third for the brand). After the success of its first two masks (Jet Lag and Overtime), we’re pretty damn excited. This one’s called R+R…and sounds like just what we need to lift us out of our mid-winter slump.

The R+R mask is a two-fer brightening product: Wild rose powder acts as a gentle exfoliant to slough off dead skin cells, while an oil base moisturizes and fights inflammation. It’s also got Bulgarian Rose essential oil and vitamin C (for glow, you know).

And the scent? According to one PureWow editor, it smells like “sticking your face in a bouquet of roses.” Need we say more?

The R+R mask, which retails for $52, is available today through the brand’s website and the Sephora app and launches in Sephora stores (and online) on January 31. (That’s tomorrow. Hint, hint.)

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