Sofia Vergara's Throwback Bikini Pic Has Nearly 900K Likes on Instagram

Sofia Vergara's throwback photo is getting a whole lot of attention on Instagram.

The Modern Family actress, 48, posted a rare bikini pic of herself from the '90s, and it already has close to 900,000 likes. She wrote, "#tbt The 90’s Miami!! [palm tree and dolphin emojis]."

The pic features a stunning beach sunset with warm orange hues. Meanwhile, a younger Sofia is seen posing in a fabulous white two-piece with sparkly rhinestones, proving that her beach style is nothing short of glamorous.

The actress has been sharing quite a few photos from her modeling days on Instagram lately. For instance, in October, she shared another throwback pic of herself from the early 2000s, where she sported a chic beige dress. And to be quite honest, the pic looks like it could've been taken yesterday.

One fan wrote, "You look the same now darling." Another fan joked, "You sure that's not like last week???"

Vergara recently took home the award for Comedy TV Star at the 2020 People's Choice Awards. In her acceptance speech, she said, "This is a very, very special award because, as you know, nine months ago we finished Modern Family forever. So, this is the last award that I'm ever, ever gonna receive for the show, the show that changed my life. My career."

She continued, "I want to thank you for making me a part of this fantastic show. I really, really miss it. I love it. I had the best time in my life, and I appreciated every single moment I was there."

We'll certainly miss seeing her shenanigans on the sitcom, but thankfully, we've still got her stylish Instagram throwbacks to look forward to.

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