Cold Butt? You Need This S'mores-Shaped Heated Pillow, Clearly

There are very few experiences as wonderful as cranking up a car's butt warmers when you're freezing cold. Don't you wish you could tote that feeling around with you, like everywhere you go?

Well, now you can, folks—in the form of a hilarious, s'mores-shaped heated pillow. 

A friend recently tipped us off to the decor brand, Smoko, which specializes in whimsical battery-powered "warming" goods (see toast-themed hand warmers; heated narwhal slippers). But our favorite offering, far and away, is the portable, bum-size s'mores pillow, which we'd stow everywhere from the seat of our car for instant relief to our subarctic icebox of an office. (Bring it, Duncan the thermostat villain.)

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