Reese Witherspoon Is the Queen of Halloween with All of Her Past Costumes

As an actress, Reese Witherspoon constantly has to transform on-screen, whether she's donning vintage styles, using an accent or portraying a famous historical figure. So, it's perhaps not surprising that she's really into Halloween, too.

While we (im)patiently wait to see what the 46-year-old star has in store for us this year, we're looking back to an Instagram post she shared last October, where she highlighted a few of her favorite costumes from previous years.

In her caption, Witherspoon said, “MOOD on Halloween…” She also added some appropriately themed emojis, including a pumpkin, a ghost, a crystal ball and a skull and crossbones.

The post featured four of the actresses's previous ensembles, including a pink bunny lingerie set inspired by a scene from her hit movie Legally Blonde. The other pics show Witherspoon dressed as a banana, a corpse bride and a hungry monster eating Reese's Pieces (get it?).

Last year, Witherspoon pulled out an impressive, Hitchcockian ensemble that was inspired by the movie The Birds.

“Ahhhhh... The BIRDS!!!!” Witherspoon wrote in her caption. “This costume is inspired by the great @tippihedrenofficial! Her performance in Hitchcocks's ‘The Birds’ is phenomenal. If you haven't seen the film, it's a great spooky movie to watch this weekend! #HappyHalloween my friends. Thank you to @oneprivatelibrary and @ati770 for making the costume of my dreams!”

While the Morning Show star certainly goes all out for her costumes, she doesn't skimp on fall-themed decorations either. “At this point my blood type is basically pumpkin spice,” she jokingly wrote in a post back in 2020.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled to see what Witherspoon wears this year.

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