The Queen Just Posted 10 Royal Family Dog Pics on IG in Honor of National Dog Day

Few things we know about Queen Elizabeth for certain: she loves a monochromatic ensemble, she loves horseback riding and she's utterly obsessed with dogs—particularly corgis. Over the course of her reign, her majesty has had 30 canine pals by her side and has gone as far as forming a correspondence with other dogs on behalf of her pups.

But, in a series of throwbacks posted on The Royal Family Instagram page today, we see that the love for dogs runs deep in the Windsor blood.

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In honor of National Dog today, Queen Elizabeth posted a series of 10 throwback photos of royals with their dogs over the course of time. The post is literally one for the ages, as it includes pictures going as far back as 1866. Some members included are Queen Elizabeth's great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria with her dog Sharp the Collie; her grandfather, King George V with an unnamed pug; her father King George VI with a corgi (we're guessing the love for this breed is inherited); and a sweet portrait with her sister, Princess Margaret all snuggled up with another unnamed corgi.

The entire list is as follows:

1. Queen Victoria with Sharp the Collie (1866)
2. King George V with a pug (c.1895)
3. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with a Corgi (1941)
4. Gina and Beppo, two of Queen Victoria’s Pomeranians (1888)
5. King Edward VII with his fox terrier Caesar (1908)
6. Prince Albert Victor, Prince George and Princess Louise of Wales with their poodle (1870)
7. Queen Alexandra and spaniel Little Marvel (1904)
8. Queen Victoria with her family and Basco the pug (1887).
9. King George VI with a Corgi (1948)
10. Tiney, one of Queen Victoria’s favourite dogs (1866)

"On #InternationalDogDay take a look through some of our favourite photographs in the Royal Collection that feature some of The Royal Family’s canine partners throughout history," the captions reads.

"The images are a just a few of the 450,000+ photographs that are held in the Royal Collection, many of which can be explored on @royalcollectiontrust’s website."

And that's exactly where we'll be for the rest of the day.

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