Queen Elizabeth Has a New Profile Pic, Y’all

Queen Elizabeth has a ton of change going on in her life right now. Not only is she mourning the loss of her husband, Prince Philip, but she also recently turned 95 years old. And now, she’s making a significantly smaller change (to her social media accounts).

On Friday, two weeks after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death announcement, Her Majesty—at least, her team—returned her profile photos back to images of herself. If you didn’t know, the monarch, along with other members of the royal family, opted to swap her avatar for a black-and-white photo, specifically her official coat of arms, to honor the late prince after his passing.

However, as of this morning, it seems like she has swapped these images back to an actual photo. But, it’s not the original one she used before. Instead, the Royal Family accounts have opted for a new image of Queen Elizabeth from her visit to the headquarters of MI5 at Thames House in February 2020.

screen shot 2021 04 23 at 10 47 13 am

The pic, which is a close-up of the queen smiling, also happened to be the same image that the family shared in honor of the queen’s 95th birthday on Wednesday. The image from 2020 was posted after it was announced she would not be unveiling a newly-taken portrait because of the circumstances.

We’re happy to see Liz slowly getting back to her normal routine.

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