Oreo Is Reportedly Releasing a Cookie with Purple Marshmallow Cream to Honor the First Moon Landing

2019 is a big year for many reasons. It’s the 50th anniversary of the creation of the internet, Woodstock, the first lunar landing…and the year we’re getting purple cream Oreos. 

OK, that last one is still TBD, but hear us out. On Friday, Instagram junk food account @CandyHunting posted about the possibility of a new sandwich cookie flavor: Marshmallow Moon. Rumor has it, Oreo will release a limited-edition, lunar themed cookie in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing (which happened on July 20, 1969).

Per the original post, “New Marshmallow Moon Oreos will be out soon! The cream appears to be a light shade of purple and marshmallow flavored […] The pack uses phosphorescent (glow in the dark) ink and has stickers on the back.” We don’t really get the marshmallow-moon connection (unless the moon is made of marshmallows), but we support the decision.

We have to admit, this sounds almost too good to be true. But the CandyHunting source has been pretty accurate in the past—they called the Game of Thrones Oreos even before we did. And another snack food account, @JunkBanter, posted a photo of someone holding a package of the moon Oreos. (Nabisco, care to comment?)

If these Oreos turn out to be as real as the moon landing (heh), we imagine they’ll be available in stores sometime before July 20 of this year.