Prosecco Marshmallows Are a Thing (and We Want Them Immediately)

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What pairs perfectly with a dark, cold night and a fluffy sweater? Indoor S'mores, of course. But don't reach for the Jet-Puffs just yet. You could make your ooey-gooey dessert even better with handcrafted boozy marshmallows.

Enter The Naked Marshmallow Co.'s raspberry prosecco marshmallows. They're made with real prosecco and are hand-rolled in raspberry powder until they turn a pretty pink color (oo la la). The result? Sweet, refreshing and boozy little puffs of perfection. They're so boozy, in fact, that you have to confirm you're of legal drinking age when you buy a pack. Because the company is based in England, your best bet is to grab some on Amazon for $22.

Now please excuse us while we grab our graham crackers and try not to get drunk off of dessert. 

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