Princess Diana Was the Tallest Female in the British Royal Family

She was five feet, ten inches

princess diana tallest british history
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As one of the most beloved royals, Princess Diana is known for many things. But did you know that her height set her apart from the rest of the royal family? 

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Princess Diana was the tallest female during her time in the royal family. Standing at five feet, ten inches tall, the late royal was taller than every other woman in the family—and since then. 

This includes Kate Middleton (five feet, nine inches), Queen Camilla (five feet, eight inches), Princess Anne (five feet, six inches), Meghan Markle (five feet, six inches), Princess Eugenie (five feet, five inches), Princess Beatrice (five feet, four inches) and Queen Elizabeth (five feet, four inches).

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Princess Diana passed down her tall genetics to her oldest son, Prince William, who will make history with his height when he ascends the throne from his dad, King Charles. Measuring in at six feet, three inches, the Prince of Wales will become the second-tallest monarch in the British royal family’s history,

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Queen Victoria, who was the shortest British monarch in history. Standing at just five feet, zero inches, the royal was by far the most petite sovereign to date. Despite her small stature, her height didn’t make her any less powerful. In fact, she was the second-longest reigning British monarch (63 years) behind Queen Elizabeth (70 years). Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901.

British history at its finest. 

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