*This* Royal Was the Shortest British Monarch in History

She was only five feet tall

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I’ve already discussed the tallest monarchs in British history, but you might be surprised by the shortest reigning royal of all time—and no, it wasn't the late Queen Elizabeth who clocked in at five feet, four inches.

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According to, Queen Victoria was the shortest monarch in British royal history. Standing at just five feet, zero inches, the queen was by far the most petite sovereign to date. However, her height didn’t make her any less powerful. In fact, she was the second-longest reigning British monarch (63 years) behind Queen Elizabeth (70 years). Victoria ruled from 1837 to 1901.

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Queen Victoria isn’t the only royal family member whose height is cemented in history. In fact, Prince William will join the ranks when he ascends the throne after his dad, King Charles. When the time comes, the Prince of Wales will become the second-tallest monarch in the British royal family’s history, measuring in at six feet, three inches.

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The tallest British monarch was Edward IV, who measured six feet, four and a half inches. He was followed by Edward I, who stood at six feet, two inches. King Charles is the next tallest British monarch (five feet, ten inches), but this order will change when Prince William becomes king. 

According to royal commentator Wesley Kerr (via Tatler), “[Prince William’s] height puts him in the top four English kings in history alongside Edward I, Edward IV and Charles II.”

Kerr continued, “William is maybe a new kind of leader who can keep the monarchy relevant and resonant in the coming decades.”

The more you know. 

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