The One Food Princess Diana Loved That the Queen *Still* Doesn’t Eat

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We already know that former royal chef Darren McGrady couldn’t use garlic when he cooked for Queen Elizabeth. The same can’t be said for Princess Diana, who didn’t mind the pungent spice.

The culinary expert, 58, recently appeared in a video for Delish, where he discussed his 15-year career with the royal family. While the queen bans garlic from all meals, McGrady revealed that cooking for Princess Diana was an entirely different story. Not only did she love garlic, but she also preferred a veggie-heavy menu.

“For the most part, it was vegetarian dishes,” he said, “Something like the stuffed bell peppers or stuffed eggplant. She’d also eat fish as well, she loved eating fish.”

According to McGrady, one of Princess Diana’s favorite dishes was stuffed bell peppers. He made them with zucchini, mushrooms and rice and then topped them with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. #Yum

Although Princess Diana would sometimes wander into the kitchen, McGrady explained that she was always very polite. “When the princess came into the kitchen, it was so relaxed,” he added.

Bless you, Princess Diana.

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