Kate Middleton Reveals Her Kids Are ‘Massive Fans’ of *This* Celebrity

Just because they are celebrities themselves, doesn’t mean Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis don’t have favorite A-listers. As it turns out, the children actually are major fans of their mom’s favorite celeb, according to a new documentary trailer. 

In a preview for ITV’s latest doc, Prince William: A Planet For Us All, which will air next month, Kate Middleton reveals that her 6, 5 and 2-year-old are “massive fans” of Sir David Attenborough. 

In the clip, which features the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meeting with the historian in Birkenhead, Middleton says, "The children were very upset that we were coming to see you and they weren't coming. They're massive fans of yours." Aren’t we all. 

We’re not surprised the royal kids are supporters of the famous natural historian, considering their mother and Attenborough have spent time together on multiple occasions, including the naming ceremony of the U.K.’s new polar research ship, the RRS Sir David Attenborough last September.

In fact, during a Zoom call with children from the Casterton Primary Academy back in April, Middleton also expressed that the 94-year-old broadcaster was “the best famous person”  she’d ever met in person. 

“The kids also asked them what the best famous person was that they had met—something I bet they don’t get asked very often!” Anita Ghidotti, Chief Executive of the Pendle Trust told Hello! at the time. “The Duchess said that George has been watching lots of David Attenborough, Blue Planet and the like, so that would probably be hers.” We guess Charlotte and Louis followed suit. 

Looks like love for David Attenborough runs in the royal family.