Wuh-Woh, Prince George—Sweden’s Prince Oscar Is Proving He Can Also Serve Serious Mood

Since his arrival in 2013, Prince George has been serving lewks (so much so that he basically has his own moody Instagram courtesy of former Will & Grace producer Gary Janetti). But the 5-year-old and third in line to the British throne may have some stiff (upper lip) competition.

Introducing His Royal Highness, Prince Oscar of Sweden. During an outing with his mom and dad, aka the prince and crown princess of Sweden, 3-year-old Oscar showed us what a real mood looks like.

george oscar 1
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Oscar:Pssst. George, your mom said she’s got another event tonight. Too bad she won’t be tucking you in.”

George: “Whatever, Oscar. I have four nannies so it’s cool.”


george oscar 2
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Oscar: “Did you see Meghan’s hemline the other day? Girl is breaking pro-to-col, am I right, Georgie?” 

George: “She’s broken protocol with making me wear this absolutely atrocious outfit to her wedding, that’s for sure.”

george oscar 3
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Crown Princess Victoria: “Put a damn smile on your grumpy little face, or I’ll sign a royal decree of eternal time out.”

George: “Ooooh! Want some Dubonnet for that burn, Ozzie?”


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