Pink's Son, Jameson, Looks So Much Like Her (& We Have Proof)

Pink's son, Jameson, is turning into a carbon copy of his mom.

In mid-December, the Grammy Award-winning singer gave fans a glimpse at her 3-year-old boy on Instagram. Not only is he growing up super fast, but also, he's legit his mom's mini-me.

Just days before Christmas, the singer shared a short snippet of Jameson from their home. She joked, "I gave birth to Bret Michaels."

She continued, "On our way to a drive thru Xmas lights Covid style extravaganza, my kid found his favorite person's bracelet. Then he made an epic exit but soon realized he truly wanted the pepper he picked from the garden. I share this because it feels very important somehow."

In the video, Jameson sports a cowboy hat and a festive shirt as he showcases the bracelet—but the best part by far is the cowboy swagger during his grand exit. One fan pointed out, "He even walks like Brett Michaels [laughing emoji]. So freakin cute."

Additionally, fans also got to see Jameson enjoying "candy for breakfast" in another Instagram snap.

In the photo, Pink's son stands near what appears to be the entrance to the family's living room, which features turquoise and yellow hues. Jameson proudly holds his hand up to reveal five peach rings on his fingers, and his smile is practically a carbon copy of his mom's.

These posts came just a few weeks after Pink gave fans a peek at Jameson's spot-on impression of her holding an award on the red carpet. In the photo, he poses with a bottle of VitaminWater and looks straight at the camera, complete with his mom's signature eyebrow-raise. Pink wrote, "This is Jamo pretending to be me holding a Billboard Music Award. I think the resemblance is uncanny."

Pink, please keep these pics of your mini-me coming!

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