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Has your dog or cat ever looked you in the eye as if to say “I need a drink” in pet language? Well, thanks to Pet Winery (you read that correctly), you can now stock Fido’s bar—because he has a bar, right?—with his favorite (nonalcoholic) libations. Take a look at some of what’s on the menu. (Bonus: A portion of all sales go toward pet adoption agencies.)

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dog pawrignon LIST
Pet Winery


It’s got notes of salmon oil and 0% ABV.

Pet Winery ($15)

dogwine LIST
Pet Winery

FetchMe Noir and FetchMe Grigio

Not into bubbly? How about a bold red or dry white? These are bacon-infused and incredibly quaffable.

Pet Winery ($20)

meowsling LIST
Pet Winery


Don’t worry, cat lovers. Catnip-forward Meowsling is the purr-fect  way to unwind after a long day.

Pet Winery ($10)

cattini LIST
Pet Winery


And for the classiest of cats, there’s a Cat-tini. Shaken or stirred?

Pet Winery ($15)

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