The Our Place Always Pan 2.0 Is on Sale During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023—Here’s Our Review

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PSA: The pan that has sold out more than 30 times just got a makeover. Loved for its functionality, the Our Place Always Pan can tackle everything from searing to steaming and frying, plus much more. (It doesn’t hurt that it comes in a range of Insta-worthy colors, too.) So when we heard there was a new release from the popular cookware brand, you bet we were excited. Here’s what you need to know about the Our Place Always Pan 2.0, which is currently on sale for $113 (was $150) as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023, on through August 6. Plus, our review after testing the skillet in our own kitchen.

(Psst: New releases from Our Place have a tendency to sell out faster than you can boil pasta—seriously, the cast iron pan lasted just 20 minutes after its first drop—so don’t wait on this one.)

So, What’s New?

The revolutionary Always Pan has been revamped to a new ten-in-one design—up from the eight-in-one structure of the original pan. (In addition to braising, steaming, frying, boiling, straining, serving, sautéing and searing, the pan can now be used for baking and roasting—more on that in a sec.) Another new feature is Thermakind technology—an updated nonstick ceramic coating that the brand says is 50 percent longer lasting while remaining nontoxic. But our favorite upgrade is the fact that the pan is now oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a feature notably missing from the original design we tested—now you can roast a whole chicken or house a gooey skillet brownie without ruining your cookware. The new 2.0 design is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum, which the brand touts as being three times more heat conductive than stainless steel.

Like its predecessor, the Always pan 2.0 comes with a steam-release lid, Beechwood spatula and steamer basket-slash-colander. And rest assured, it will still be available in all of the brand’s signature hues including spice, steam, char, sage, lavender and blue salt.

That all sounds great on paper…but how does the new Always Pan stand up to the original? And does it meet the goal of majorly cutting down the amount of cookware you need to store in your kitchen? Reader, we tested it out, and here’s our review.

Always Pan 2.0: Tested and Reviewed

Back when the Always Pan entered the market, we were enamored with its combination of aesthetic and multi-functionality. But as with many shiny new toys, the luster wore off and we eventually found some flaws. For starters, the outer coating discolored heavily with heat. Since it wasn’t oven-safe, it wasn’t actually versatile enough to justify occupying kitchen real estate. And after less than a year of normal, non-aggressive use, the nonstick surface was, well, nonexistent. After trying 2.0, here’s what we think.

What We Like About the Always Pan 2.0

The new skillet being oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit is a major improvement. It adds a layer of versatility that the old pan lacked. We also appreciate that the new construction comes from recycled materials, since adding yet another new pan to our collection isn’t exactly the most Earth-friendly act. (Anything to offset that consumerism, ya know?)

In testing out the pan, we found the surface to be exceedingly slippery—we were able to cook chicken breasts without any sticking, and the cleanup was equally breezy.

What We Don’t Like About the Always Pan 2.0

Despite the updated nonstick surface, the instructions still note that you should only use low-medium to medium heat when cooking with the pan. That means a gorgeously seared steak is absolutely out of the question. (It’s also too early to say whether it’s actually 50 percent longer lasting…which, if true, would only give you about six months on the old pan.) Despite this low-heat cooking, the label states that the outside of the pan will patina over time. We purposely chose the dark gray “Char” because our previous lavender pan, er, patinated to brown. Perhaps it’s a pipe dream, but we’d love if the pan could remain stain-free over time, or at least be easy to restore to its former glory.

We also found that the pan took a looong time to get hot and to brown foods—crisping some croutons at medium heat, it took double the time it takes in our usual stainless steel pan.

And confession: We don’t quite love the built-in spatula rest design. Since it requires a slot in the lid, it means you can’t get a tight seal on the pan if you really don’t want steam to escape. Plus, we’re constantly reaching for different cooking utensils—it’s just not practical to assume we’ll only ever pair this one spat with this one pan.

Who Should Buy the New Always Pan?

Despite our nitpicking, the Always Pan 2.0 might still be a fit for your kitchen.

If you consider yourself the chef-in-training type who gets a rush of endorphins by setting off the smoke detector with a juicy steak or can’t bother to be too precious with your cookware, you’ll probably prefer a different pan.

But if you’re you a novice cook, or someone who finds the idea of frying eggs in a stainless steel pan obnoxious, the nonstick surface of this pan will put you at ease. If you’re aesthetic-obsessed with color-coordinated open shelving, you’ll love the color options the brand offers. And if, bless you, you have the patience to cook with low heat and no metal utensils, you can probably make this skillet last.

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