The Secret to Nicole Kidman’s Porcelain Skin? SPF 100...Every Single Day

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Nicole Kidman is a lot of things: award-winning actress, producer, mom and tarantula capturer. She's also a very publicly pale person, making her the ideal spokeswoman for Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer SPF 100+ sunscreen

The Australian actress recently sat down with The Cut to talk about the partnership and her devotion to sun protection. Specifically that she wears SPF 100 every single day, and yes, she's always been so fair-skinned.

"My own skin doesn’t really tan," she told the site. "I really have never tanned. Even as a child, I never did it. Now, I’m so glad because it really saved my skin. It’s just not part of what I do."

She also preaches what she practices, saying that she turned her makeup artist onto Neutrogena's formulas. "I even taught her about how you have to reapply every two to three hours," she said. "It’s amazing how a lot of people don’t know that. And yes, I put it on over makeup. Because it’s sheer touch, it doesn’t smudge as much. I put it on and then we reapply makeup over it."

In addition to providing really impressive SPF coverage, Ultra Sheer SPF 100+ from Neutrogena is fast-absorbing, thanks to advanced technology that creates a non-greasy, matte finish. It's also available in both spray and stick form, and can be used at the pool or the ocean for up to 80 minutes of water-resistant coverage. 

Hey, if having glowing skin like Kidman at age 52 requires gallons of SPF 100, so be it.

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