A Nap Bar Just Opened in Madrid, So, Uh, We're Moving to Spain

Picture this: it's the middle of the day, you're in between errands and feeling so tired. You could totally go for a nap. The only problem is, your house (and your sweet, sweet bed) are miles away.

Tough luck, right? Wrong, if you happen to be lucky enough to live in (or be visiting) Madrid. That's because the Spanish city just opened its first nap bar.

No, we didn't misspeak. Siesta & Go is a place for locals and tourists to rest their weary bones, inspired by similar sleep spaces in Argentina, Japan and Belgium.

With 19 available beds, private and shared rooms are available to rent by the minute or hour, with prices ranging from €8 for one hour in a top bunk to €14 for one hour in a private room. And don't worry, germaphobes, Siesta & Go has a daily professional cleaning and laundry services, and each visitor gets his or her own set of sheets and single-use blanket.

*Googles cheap flights to Spain*

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