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The Most Popular Royal Baby Names for Boys and Girls, Ranked
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Fresh off the news of Pippa Middleton's regal baby name for her newborn boy, we wondered what's left on the table for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's little prince or princess.

Luckily, we have a definitive ranking of the most popular royal names in history, courtesy of Expedia. The travel company researched the number of times each crown-approved moniker was used by a member of the royal family. Here, the top ten for boys and girls:

Top 10 most popular royal male names

1.     Albert, 12 royals with this name
2.     George, 10
3.     Charles, 8
4.     Edward, 7
5.     Christian, 5
6.     Frederick, 5
7.     Louis, 5
8.     Arthur, 5
9.     William, 4
10.   Henry, 4

Top 10 most popular royal female names

1.     Victoria, 9 royals with this name
2.     Mary, 7
3.     Louise, 6
4.     Alexandra, 6
5.     Elizabeth, 5
6.     Alice, 4
7.     Margaret, 3
8.     Charlotte, 3
9.     Augusta, 2
10.   Helena, 2

Most likely, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex won't double up on any of Kate Middleton and Prince William's (or even Pippa's) children's names. So, George, Louis and Arthur are off the table for boys, while Charlotte is out for girls. Our bet's on Diana if the baby is a girl, which isn't on the list but is a definite favorite of the British public.

Meghan and Harry: You have the floor. 

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