Best News We’ve Heard All Day: More Single Women Own Homes Than Single Men

woman at home on sofa

RIP, bachelor pads. Your black leather couches and collection of Xbox games are nice and everything (they aren’t), but it’s time to step aside. Single women are currently outpacing single men when it comes to home ownership, and it might just be the best damn news we’ve heard all day. (Well, after this new ice cream that supposedly helps you sleep.)

Online loan marketplace LendingTree reports that on average, single women own around 22 percent of homes, while single men own less than 13 percent. The study states that the gender gap in housing across the country is particularly interesting “given the average woman in the U.S. only makes 80 percent of what the average man does.” Interesting, indeed. (We can think of another word for it.)

To reach their findings, LendingTree looked at data from the 2017 American Community Survey and defined single homeowners as single men and women living in owner-occupied homes.

The difference between ownership was most striking along the coasts. In the New York metropolitan area, for example, single women own slightly more than 820,000 homes, while men own about 435,000. And in the greater Los Angeles area, women own 460,000 homes, compared to men who own just 260,000.

But even in the city where the largest percentage of single men own homes—Oklahoma City—single women still outnumbered them by owning 24 percent of homes in the area, compared with just 16 percent. Wondering where single women own the largest share of homes? It’s New Orleans, where single women make up 27 percent of total owner-occupied homes.

It’s about time. Who run the world?

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