This Low-Cal Ice Cream Promises to Help You Sleep. We Investigate

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There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than hunkering down with a full Netflix queue and a late-night snack. But conventional wisdom tells us that eating late at night can mess with our sleep schedule—rats.

Enter Nightfood, “ice cream for people who eat ice cream at night.”

Hmmm…another “healthy” frozen dessert? According to the brand, it’s “sleep expert-approved,” but we were still skeptical, so we did some digging.

No, it’s not regular ice cream spiked with melatonin—or any sleep aids, supplements or drugs, for that matter. Apparently, the dessert was developed with “sleep-friendly” ingredients. That means there are fewer things that can keep you awake (like caffeine, sugars and excess fat and calories), and more zzz-friendly things like extra protein and fiber, plus sleep-friendly minerals and amino acids (like magnesium and glycine).

What caught our eye is that Nightfood is free from artificial sweeteners—not even stevia. Maybe this concept isn’t too good to be true? (It’s at least worth a taste test.)

According to the website, pints are coming soon to national retailers, but for now, you can order online or through Amazon. Dibs on the cold brew flavor—decaf, of course.

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