Mindy Kaling Reveals Which Co-star She’d Actually Let Babysit Her Daughter Katherine

Between Mindy Kaling’s Four Weddings and a Funeral miniseries at Hulu, the new movie she’s making with Priyanka Chopra and raising her daughter, Katherine, there’s a lot on Kaling’s plate. So when the 40-year-old multi-hyphenate has a movie premiere or press tour, who watches her 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter? Well, as PureWow learned during a sit-down with Kaling, there’s one co-star she’d definitely let babysit.

While catching up with PureWow thanks to her partnership with joy (the cute and inexpensive razor brand), Kaling revealed that if she had to pick between her Late Night co-stars John Lithgow or Emma Thompson to babysit Katherine, she’d have to go with—drumroll, please—Thompson.

“John Lithgow and Emma Thompson have both written children’s books, so they would both be really good with kids,” she pointed out. But ultimately, there’s one deciding factor that led Kaling to choose Thompson over Lithgow and it mostly has to do with brownie points.  

Kaling admitted, “I would say maybe Emma Thompson, because she gave Katherine this gorgeous sweater—a hand-knit sweater—when she was born and it looked so cute on her. So, that gives her an edge.” It’s a completely sensible answer if you ask us, especially since Katherine received a large number of extraordinary gifts from Kaling’s co-stars and friends. (Looking at you Oprah’s hand-crafted custom castle shaped bookcase full of novels personalized with “Katherine’s Book Club” labels on the spines.)


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