Exclusive: Mindy Kaling Is About to Tackle a Huge Milestone with Her Daughter Katherine

mindy kaling for joy

Between family life and work, Mindy Kaling has a lot going on. 

Why? Not only is she starring in the movie Late Night, working on a film with Priyanka Chopra and gearing up for her new remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral, she’s also getting her 1½ -year-old daughter, Katherine, ready for a huge childhood milestone: preschool. One of those tasks alone is a huge feat, but all of them combined? Wow.

When PureWow sat down with the 40-year-old actress to discuss her partnership with joy (those super cute millennial pink razors that are only $9), we were shocked at how fast time is flying in the Kaling household. Spoiler alert: So is Kaling. 

“I’m applying to preschools, which is incredibly daunting,” Kaling revealed to PureWow exclusively. “It reminds me of when I was applying to college, believe it or not. We’re kicking off that whole part of our [lives].” It’s hard to conceptualize, but as any parent will tell you, preschool really is that competitive.

The plus side? From the sound of it, Katherine will be a shoo-in to any school she deems worthy. “She is so much fun, she’s talking so much and she’s so inquisitive,” Kaling explained.

What more could you want in a preschool applicant, right? Well, we guess the ability to play in a sandbox and settle down during nap time are important, but we’re sure Katherine totally has that down. (Have you seen her playset?)

And if Katherine is anything like her mama, she’ll rule the school. If all else fails, at least she has her Tony Soprano–esque negotiation skills.

Godspeed, Katherine (and Mindy).


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