Here’s Why Mindy Kaling Thinks Her Daughter Is a Mini Tony Soprano

It appears Mindy Kaling’s daughter, Katherine, has watched one too many episodes of The Sopranos.

The Champions star, 39, appeared on today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she talked about parenting her 1-year-old daughter, who is already turning into a baby Tony Soprano.

In the video, Kaling describes how things have changed now that Katherine passed the one-year mark. “Now she’s a year and a half, and I didn’t know how much bribery there was in being a parent,” she says in the clip. “Every time I see her it’s like Tony Soprano.”

The actress goes on to explain that Katherine has already mastered the art of bartering. “I go up to her, and I’m like, ‘Hey, you have to give me the remote control.’ And she’s like, ‘Give me your car keys.’”

As a result, Kaling came to the following conclusion: “She’s, like, in the mob. And she can barely talk. So, that’s my life right now.”

Kaling found out that she was pregnant with little Katherine while she was filming Ocean’s 8. Although she originally kept the pregnancy hidden from her co-stars, news broke in July 2017 when Oprah Winfrey accidentally spilled the beans while promoting A Wrinkle in Time.

In December, the actress welcomed her first child, Katherine Swati. (Kaling named the baby after her mother, Dr. Swati Chokalingam, who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in 2012.)

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