EXCLUSIVE: Mindy Kaling’s Breastfeeding Tip for New Moms Is So Reassuring

No offense to our current mom group (love you, Kelly), but if we could pick our dream team of cool, inspirational and funny mom friends, we would definitely want Mindy Kaling in the mix. We recently caught up with the actress to talk about her involvement with Stella Artois and and—no surprise—she’s just as relatable as we had imagined.  

The Late Night star revealed that nursing her daughter, Katherine Swati (“Kit”), wasn’t exactly easy at first. “I found breastfeeding challenging to get the hang of in the beginning,” she told us. “And I actually hired a woman who came over to my house, who’s like the lady in Los Angeles who teaches women how to breastfeed, and she came over and gave me a lesson. So, I really asked for help which was key for me.”

Look, we get it—these days women can have and do it all. Except…it’s totally cool to need some help, OK? Thanks, Mindy for the great tip (and important reminder). 

And even though the actress was sent tons of trendy breastfeeding products (one of the perks of being famous), she actually just used the pump from her hospital. “The thing that helped me the most was the unsexy pump that I got from the hospital,” she says. “I just rented it for a couple of months and then returned it and said goodbye to it at the end. It wasn’t as cute and millennial looking as some of the ones that were sent to me, but it worked great for me.”  

Kaling is teaming up with Pour It Forward to help millions of people in the developing world gain access to clean water, a problem that disproportionately affects women and children. Being part of the initiative was a no-brainer, she says. “As a feminist and as a mom, it was an easy decision to get involved.”

Cool mom, super talented and with a heart of gold—our parenting group meets on Wednesdays in case you’re interested, Mindy. 

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