If You Liked ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ You’ll Be Obsessed with Mindy Kaling’s New Movie ‘Late Night’

mindy kaling

One of our favorite comedians is back—only this time on the big screen. Mindy Kaling premiered her new film Late Night at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and here’s everything we know.

The comedy, written by Kaling and directed by Nisha Ganatra (The Mindy Project), follows a primetime comedy talk show host,Katherine Newbury (played by Emma Thompson). After 30 years on the air, Katherine quickly realizes she needs some serious change if she wants to stay relevant.

Where does Mindy come in? Well, in the writers room (totally fitting).

Katherine (whose Miranda Priestly–like character is giving out some serious The Devil Wears Prada vibes) adds Mindy’s character,Molly, to her male-dominated team. Comedy ensues.

It seems like the Ocean’s 8 actress totally pulled inspiration from her own life. Don’t forget, she was the only female writer on The Office back in the day. In an interview from the festival she revealed how she related to both her and Thompson’s characters.

“I identify completely with the woman who has her own show, who has a staff, who’s exhausted, who’s a little cranky—even though it’s not appropriate to be—and kind of ungrateful and can lean and steer toward complacency,” she said. “But I also remember distinctly, painfully, what it’s like to be an outsider, to be someone who wanted so badly to work in television…just to fight and get in the door that way and know what it’s like to be the first female writer on the staff.”

Right after the film’s world premiere, Amazon bought the rights (with an estimated arrival on their platform set at summer 2019). So yeah, we’re thinking it’s going to be a good one.

The only thing we need now is a B.J. Novak cameo and all of our dreams will come true.