Umm, Mercury Retrograde Begins on Halloween, So Gird Your Loins for Spooky Season

Double, double, toil and oh god Mercury retrograde is starting on Halloween. Yep. As if the 31st of October wasn't spooky enough, now we have to deal with this.

Quick refresher: Astronomically speaking, about three times a year, the planet Mercury slows down its orbit and appears to move backward (an optical illusion), which we call “turning retrograde.” It’s considered bad luck because astrology suggests that Mercury is the ruling planet of all communication, clarity in thinking, honesty and even travel and technology. 

If you buy into the whole “bad luck” thing, you might want to pay attention to these tips from astrology guru Susan Miller for how to survive this season’s retrograde:

1. Don’t make any major decisions: Contracts, leases and job agreements are a big no-no during this time. “Even if a decision is made, it will be subject to change, either just after Mercury turns to direct motion or much later,” Miller writes on her site, Astrology Zone

2. Double-confirm travel plans: “Call ahead and ask the hotel if they have your booking,” Miller said. Because of crossed wires during this planetary phenomenon, you’re more likely to forget your passport or book the wrong date. So, yeah, opt in to that flight insurance.

3. Practice patience with loved ones: “Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating confusion,” Miller writes. “Try not to jump to conclusions, and keep striving for clarity.” 

FYI, Mercury will be out of retrograde again on November 20, so hang in there, folks.  

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