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If you aren’t convinced that Meghan Markle has what it takes to be the next Kate Middleton, then this inspiring throwback video will surely do the trick.

An old video recently resurfaced of 11-year-old Markle appearing on Nick News back in 1993, and while we could go on and on about her totally awesome ’90s garb, she’s truly impressive with her wise-beyond-her-years take on sexism and gender stereotypes.

In the clip, Markle and a group of classmates are asked to watch a series of advertisements and assess their messages. After watching an ad for Ivory dish soap, young Markle points out that the ad implies housework is exclusively for women. She says, “I don’t think it’s right for kids to grow up thinking these things, that just Mom does everything. It’s always Mom does this and Mom does that.” A woman after our own heart. 

In fact, Markle felt so strongly about the ad’s wrong message that she proceeded to write a letter to Procter & Gamble, asking them to remove the gender-specific language from the commercial. Cut to a few weeks later and Ivory changed the ad’s wording from women to people.

The U.N. ambassador clearly has a calling, and we’re all for it.

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