Martin Henderson Shares BTS Photo from Season 4 of ‘Virgin River’

When it comes to Virgin River, we're always on the lookout for one of our favorite cast members to share a behind-the-scenes photo or a sneak preview from the upcoming season. And since the season 4 premiere date hasn't been announced yet, we'll take anything we can get.

Thankfully, Martin Henderson (AKA Jack Sheridan) knows how to indulge Virgin River fans as they anxiously await for more episodes. Earlier this week, he got us excited for the new season with a photo on his Instagram, which appears to have been taken during a post-production session.

In the pic, Henderson smiles while wearing a pair of giant headphones and standing in front of a screen where we can see a blurry image of his co-star and romantic interest on the show, Alexandra Breckenridge (who plays Mel Monroe).

“Back at work,” he said in the caption. “Getting season 4 good and ready for consumption.”

We know that Netflix is getting closer to releasing the fourth season, based on posts that have been made on the official Virgin River Instagram. Back in December, producers for the show declared that Henderson had wrapped production on the new episodes, meaning he was no longer needed on set because he had filmed all of the scenes where he is present.

Now, it appears that Henderson is just putting in some final touches on his scenes, and this isn't this first time he's posted a photo while working on post-production.

A couple months back, Henderson shared a very similar snap and said, “Doing a little post production work on #virginriver season 4. Making sure it’s all smooth and satisfying for the best fans EVER! Y’all have a lovely weekend wherever you find yourselves. ♥️.”

Season 4 can't get here quickly enough.

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