Royal Dream Job Alert! Kate Middleton and Prince William Need Someone to Keep Track of Their Schedules

Polish that tiara and print those resumes, because the royals are hiring!

According to Daily Mail columnist Sebastian Shakespeare, Kate Middleton and Prince William just put out a job ad for a "diary coordinator," meaning they need someone who can coordinate all of their busy schedules. Sign. Us. Up.

The position is in charge of "managing the seamless delivery of multiple complex diaries to ensure the smooth and effective co-ordination of engagements and events," the ad on the Royal Household website reads. Multiple, as in, George, Charlotte and Louis's calendars, too? That really is quite the undertaking.

Of course, it wouldn't be proper etiquette to chat money right off the bat, so no salary is mentioned up front...but we can only imagine the non-monetary compensation—private cars, meals provided, maybe even a room at Kensington? Hey, a girl can dream (of one day becoming an actual princess)...

Unsurprisingly, the ideal candidate would have to be a person who can be trusted not to spill the royal tea. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they are looking for an applicant who can “maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion at all times.” So, blocking off time for a girls' brunch with Meghan Markle would be something you'd have to take to the grave. (We probably couldn't handle that sorta pressure, TBH.)

If you think you meet the other qualifications, which include "a proven ability to manage complex diaries," "excellent communication skills," "a team player" attitude, the ability to "work efficiently when under pressure, whilst prioritizing a demanding workload," a  "superb attention to detail" and "advanced IT skills," you can apply here until the application closes on July 22. 

Of course, that's a royal palace-load of requirements...but just imagine being involved in fancy gala planning, scheduling playdates with royal baby Archie, and coordinating outfits with sister-in-law the Duchess of Sussex...

*Le sigh* We guess dream jobs really do exist.