Kate Hudson Achieves the Impossible, Breastfeeds While Working Out

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As if there wasn’t enough proof that moms are superheroes, Kate Hudson just went and worked out while breastfeeding her 3-month-old daughter, Rani. 

Captured on Hudson’s pal Erin Fosters Instagram Stories, the mom of three is working out with Mirror, a high-tech, at-home fitness device. In the videos, Hudson takes a break to feed little Rani, before hopping back up to resume her sweat sesh—while still breastfeeding. 

Mirror, for reference, looks like a normal wall mirror, until you open an app that lets you choose from hundreds of classes and training sessions. Then the class instructor and other students appear in the mirror, working out right next to your reflection. At $1,500 for the mirror and $39 per month for unlimited workouts for up to five people, this is a costly buy-in. But think of the ease of choosing a 15-minute (!) workout with no travel time or fighting for locker room space. Priceless.

Hudson is seriously committed to getting back into pre-baby shape, having recently joined the WW community as its newest spokesperson. 

Really makes us rethink all those workouts we’ve skipped because we were too lazy to go to the gym. 

Brava, Kate. 

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