Julianne Hough Was Into Clean Beauty Before It Was Even a Thing

julianne hough on red carpet

As a professional dancer and America’s Got Talent judge, Julianne Hough is no stranger to makeup. The 31-year-old dancer has been experimenting with beauty products since she was a young girl in Utah. But while the rest of us were piling on the Lip Smackers and glittery eye shadows, Hough was familiarizing herself with clean beauty before clean beauty was even a thing.

“My own relationship with clean beauty, clean products, clean everything started when I was a baby because my mom would clean our entire house with water and lemon. We had wheatgrass shots as kids until life got hectic and crazy and we went for convenience,” Hough told PureWow during an exclusive interview.

Hough, who partnered with brand-new clean beauty store Roven and joined their Beauty Board, went on to explain, “I pretty much wear makeup every day for a living and also as a kid that’s what I wanted to do for fun. I wanted to play dress-up and play with my mom’s makeup and all of that.” For Hough, that meant using products that looked good and were good for her. In this age of non-tox beauty, the multi-hyphenate is eager to share her passion with clean beauty.

“We need to come back to the core and root of who we are, which is pure beauty, pure love and pure expression,” she argued. “And not trying to keep up with the trends and the fads but using products that make us feel like us—individual, unique and beautiful.”

In addition to encouraging fans to use beauty products that don’t include harmful chemicals, Hough wants to shift the paradigm of what beauty means: “It’s all about sustainability in the age that we’re living in right now. But beauty should be fun and not intimidating. It should make people feel how they want to feel, not make them look how they need to look. We want to change the whole paradigm of what beauty represents. What do you feel on the inside and let’s give you some products that make you embody that on the outside? Real beauty is real and that’s what these [Roven] products are.”

As Roven co-founder Nicole Farb added, “We think the category of beauty should move from self-doubt to self-celebration.”

Amen to that.

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