Julia Butters Brought a Turkey Sandwich to the Oscars (and Honestly, We’re Jealous)

A purse can be useful during awards season to hold a phone, lipstick and...a sandwich?

Julia Butters brought a turkey sandwich to the Oscars tonight and didn't hide it, taking a few bites as she made her way down the red carpet. LA Times journalist Amy Kaufman tweeted photos of Butters, including her hidden sandwich.

"It is crazy! It is very heavy! Give it a feel," she told Entertainment Tonight. "There is a sandwich in my purse because I was smart this time. The other awards I was hungry, I was starving and sometimes, either, they don't have food or I don't care for the food."

The Once Upon a Hollywood star is making her Academy Award debut. She walked the carpet in a Christian Siriano gown. Along with her food for the night, she's also carrying lip gloss and a chess piece that director Quentin Tarantino gave her. Basically all the essentials.

While she has a chance to be onstage tonight for a Best Picture win, the 10-year-old actress is already a winner in our book for her little snack. Who knows? Maybe next year's awards show will have some sandwiches on the menu.

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