John Stamos Reveals the Reason He Asked His Agent to Get Him Off ‘Full House’ After the Table Read

Still from 'Full House.'
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Can you imagine Full House without John Stamos? We sure can't. The 59-year-old actor portrayed the fun-loving Jesse Katsopolis for all eight seasons of the original show's run, and we never tired of his many Elvis impressions or his warnings to his nieces to “watch the hair!” But, according to Stamos, he originally had thoughts of leaving the sitcom.

The California native told Hot Ones YouTube series host Sean Evans on July 20 that he originally wanted to leave Full House because he thought the kids would be background players in the show, but then he felt completely overshadowed at the table read.

Stamos said, “Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, reads her lines, and people are dying laughing—I mean screaming. I was like, ‘What's happening here?’”

He added, “You couldn't even hear my lines, they were laughing so hard at her, and I'm like slinking down in my seat.”

Stamos said he promptly called his agent and said, “Get me the f**k off this show!” However, he clearly ended up staying on, and he confesses that he's glad he did.

“I fought it for a long time,” the General Hospital star divulged. “And then I finally said: ‘What am I doing? It's a beautiful show.’ We built it with sweetness and kindness.”

He also added, “There was no central character on that show is what I realized. The central character was love.”

Of course, Stamos would go on to reprise his role for the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House, which lasted for five seasons.

We're really glad John's agent convinced him to stay on the show.

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