Um, John Stamos Once Got the Olsen Twins Fired on 'Full House'

Uncle Jesse and Michelle Tanner may have been best buds on Full House, but apparently, that wasn't initially the case behind the scenes.

As it turns out, star duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came pretty close to losing the role to another pair of twins, thanks to John Stamos. While speaking to Josh Peck on a recent episode of the podcast Good Guys, the 59-year-old actor revealed that it was a challenge to work with the pair when they were 11 months old.

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According to Stamos, one of the more difficult scenes to film involved both Jesse and Joey (Dave Coulier) as they tried to change Michelle's diaper in the kitchen in season one.

Stamos recalled, "We're doing the scene. Joey and I were changing the baby, right? And Danny's gone and said, 'Take care of the kids.' 'Yeah, we got it. We got it.' So, we're carrying the baby downstairs and we take her in the kitchen, and we hose her down. And she was screaming. Both of them. They wanted to be anywhere else but there, and so did I."

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Apparently, the Olsens were crying so much that Stamos gave up and had the team hire a new set of twins. The actor continued, "They were 11 months old, and God bless them. They kept switching: 'This one's not gonna cry.' I couldn't deal with it. And I said, 'This is not gonna work.' And so they got rid of them. They bring on these two redheaded kids… I'm sure their parents loved them and thought they were attractive."

Unfortunately, the new twins didn't quite work out—and it didn't take long for Stamos to change his mind about the Olsens.

He said, "It was only a few days, and I said, 'Bring the Olsens back! These kids are terrible.'"

Clearly, bringing Mary-Kate and Ashley back was the best move, because we can't imagine anyone else delivering Michelle's famous one-liner, "You got it, dude."

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