Jennifer Garner’s Jack-o’-Lantern Set Off Major Pregnancy Speculation (Which She Quickly Shut Down)

It’s been about a month since Jennifer Garner was forced to shut down pregnancy rumors. And now, she’s at it again.

It all started yesterday when the Alias alum, 48, shared a photo of her jack-o’-lantern on Instagram. The photo features a large pumpkin that’s housing a smaller one, along with the caption, “When you and your jack-o-lantern share a vibe…”

The problem? Fans wrongly assumed the design featured a baby pumpkin waiting to emerge, ultimately hinting that Garner is expecting a baby. In reality, Garner was trying to recreate how she spent the majority of 2020 self-quarantined in her home.

Fans immediately flooded the comments section with speculation about Garner’s pumpkin. One person wrote, “Wait....are you pregnant or is this something from back when someone posted a pic and thought you were but it was quarantine weight?! Please say you are!!!” Another chimed in, “Does this mean there is a little Jennifer behind that pumpkin?”

Garner’s response? “STILL NOT HAVING MORE BABIES…Good grief, I didn’t even see it, I just saw matching smiles.”

The news comes just a few weeks after Garner set the record straight following a pregnancy inquiry. She wrote, “48, have three healthy kids, and am not—and never will be—pregnant. We can lay that pupper to rest. Have [I] gained the COVID-19? Possibly. But that is another story.”

One question still remains: Since when is it OK to ask someone if they’re expecting?!


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