Who Is Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend? We Investigate

Jennifer Garner’s love life has us asking a lot of questions at the moment. In the last few years, the 49-year-old actress was linked to her longtime beau, John Miller, the couple was rumored to have split, Garner was spotted on the beach with fellow actor, Bradley Cooper, and now, she was recently seen with Miller again. (We know, it’s tough to keep up.)

According to new reports, the Alias actress was seen out and about with Miller in NYC grabbing coffee this week. If the breakup rumors from August 2020 were true, then we’re not quite sure when these two reconciled again. However, neither has commented on their relationship, so we’re not quite sure where they stand. Here’s everything we know about this potential Jennifer Garner boyfriend.

1. Who Is Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend?

Well, based on this week's reports, it's possible her boyfriend is once again John Miller. Miller is the CEO and chairman of CaliGroup, a holdings company that is widely known for its restaurant chain, CaliBurger.

Miller received a degree from Stanford Law School and even co-authored The Handbook of Nanotechnology Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law.

2. When Did They Start Dating?

Garner was dating for the first time since her split from ex-husband Ben Affleck. Shortly after, we learned the actress was not only dating Miller, but they'd been seeing each other (on and off) since May 2018.

3. Did Jen Meet The Parents?

Yes. In fact, Jennifer hosted a dinner party at her house and invited John’s family, who had yet to meet the Alias star. “John’s parents had dinner at Jen’s house recently and met her for the first time,” a source told Radar Online.

4. Do They Have Any Children?

While they don’t share any children together, Garner and Miller both have kids from previous marriages.

Garner and Affleck share Violet (15), Seraphina (12) and Sam (9). Miller and his ex-wife, Caroline Campbell, have a son named Quest (14) and a daughter named Violet (12).

5. Did They Ever Break Up?

Back in 2020, InTouch Weekly broke the news that Garner and Miller called it quits.

“They split up before L.A. went into lockdown,” a source told the outlet. “Jen and John remain on friendly terms, so there's a possibility that they could rekindle their relationship in the future, but right now, it's over.” To reiterate, neither have confirmed this.

6. Are They Back Together?

It appears that way. In addition to their recent coffee run, the duo was also spotted together in the Big Apple back in August, according to People.

7. Oh, And Did Garner Ever Date Cooper?

All signs point to the pair being just friends.

In fact, they previously starred together on ABC’s hit show, Alias, and have remained close pals ever since. Not to mention, during a speech at the American Cinematheque Awards in 2018, the actress even stated she was one of Cooper’s “first friends” in the industry.

But hey, anything can happen right?